We recognise children learn in different ways and respond differently to certain stimulus. Should your child show an interest in something specific, we try to observe that interest and work with them to develop it. See below for a record of today’s Kindy learning experiences and outcomes.

Kindy Program                                                              NQF Quality Area 1                                                                               Date: 9/5/2014



Learning Environment indoor/outdoor

Teacher Initiated

Child Initiated

Related EYLF learning area and significant learning


What next?










This morning miss Emily came into playschool Kindy to educate the children in a new language, Japanese.she did through songs, stories, and other fun interactive games.




During free play the easel was set up. Red, blue and yellow were the colours available, the children used this activity to further explore colour mixing. Using the colours the children made beautiful multi- coloured artworks.





For group time today the children continued to practice their sign language. The children then turned their new found knowledge into a game. Similar to Simon says.




For the month of may we are reading a new book every day. Today’s book was” the sticky icky frog”





Transitioning off to the bathrooms the children used the colours of the bins. They children were individually asked to go to the colour they were told after gathering their lunch items.





Today Mr Crocodile came out for a visit. We sang never smile at a crocodile and played the cheeky monkeys game.
















LO: active learning.3











LO: communicating.1






Practice: 4









LO: Active Learning.2










LO: communicating.2








The children are showing increasing knowledge with every visit from miss Emily.







These artworks will be turned into the remainder of our numeracy wall.









This is excellent the children are showing so much interest in the topic of sign. Today is a really useful day for this.






This is a fun book. The children followed the storie copying the teachers movements.




Continue to embed this transition. It has shown to be a great colour recognition exercise.






The children have shown to respond really well with mr crocodile. Continue to use him during group times.












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